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Searching for a Medical Sales Role? 6 Big Changes You Need to Know.

It is amazing how much life changes yet stays the same. After 37 years of living away from my home state of Michigan (15 years in Florida and 22 years in California), my wife and I moved back here to be near family. What has changed? My awareness of weird city names here I didn’t notice before: Flushing, Bad Axe and Hell. Yes, you read the right: apparently “Hell” resides in Michigan. One wonders what the runner-up names were for these cities? What has remained the same? That life is about relationships. Relationships give us success in both our personal life and in our careers.

What has changed in job searching?

1.) The transition to employee referral programs, which now constitute the #1 largest portal for talent acquisition, representing 40% of all new hires.

2.) The use of talent assessment tools in the hiring process, e.g. Gallup Clifton StrengthsFinders.

3.) The growing “unadvertised job market” – which I believe is related to the transition to employee referral programs. It appears about 50% of all new roles are unadvertised – we’ve discovered the great majority of these unadvertised opportunities are roles that were vacated in the last 60 days.

4.) The “branding” of applicants – is your resume and LinkedIN profile a marketing tool that displays your branding or it is a bio/obit? You are not the same person you were years ago – you must brand yourself to find the right role.

5.) Your new first impression isn’t your resume, it’s your LinkedIN profile – now 91% (source: JobVite) of all employers go there 1st before they ask for your resume.

6.) The acquisition of LinkedIN by Microsoft – back in 2016. LinkedIN is no longer a luxury option in your job search – it’s a must have.

What has not changed in job searching?

Seeking the “right” role in medical sales? At the end of the day you being hired will not likely rest on your credentials. The employer must visualize you working effectively within their organization. The employer will make a “gut” instinct you are the “right person”.

So how do you become the “right person”? Look for the detailed answer in next weeks newsletter. Meanwhile – a hint. If you were going to date, would you do that old school – go off to the bars, meet through friends? Or would you go to an online dating service? We’d pick up on that next week when we discuss: What Online Dating Services Taught Us About Successful Job Searching.

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