• We overcome issues of Age-Bias.

  • Our niche: helping experienced (over 15 years’ experience) sales professionals land great roles where they can finish their careers.

  • We overcome perceptions of job-hopping.

  • We help you conduct a “confidential” job search with minimal time and effort on your part.

  • We get you into the un-advertised job market (which is now 50% of all jobs).

  • We help you land a new role in about 6 applications – no more resumes going into a black hole!

  • We have over 360 previous customers now working at every company from Abbott thru Zoll – these are our “trust agents” who brief you about their company and get you into their employee referral program – where 40% of all new hiring occurs.

  • We “brand” you so you land the “right” role. If you aren’t branded, you only have an obit!

  • We are “mentors” – we’re at your side thru the job search “jungle” all the way to the destination.

  • 80% of our clients land their new roles in 8 weeks. And, yes, we have performance guarantees.

  • Don’t want to pay anything out of pocket? No worries. We provide financing: 6-months interest free. This gives you everything you need now!


You've got a great Resume. You've got a great network, but You aren't getting results.

We've compiled the most essential features from our best selling product NETOUT® into one complete package at a discounted price. Our goal was to give YOU the best possible results in the shortest amount of time, while giving YOU an "unfair" competitive advantage in YOUR job search.



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Why Choose QUICKStart®?

"Given the new reality of our economic climate, we needed to re-invent how our candidates navigated the job search process by developing a new system that gave them an unfair advantage over their competitors." - Mark Bartz

Branded LinkedIN profile. A professional branded LinkedIN profile gets you on the radar with the right employers and recruiters seeking talent. What percentage of employers and recruiters look at your LinkedIN profile first before contacting you for an interview-phone screen? 91% Source: JobVite.com How many services exclusively design LinkedIN profiles for experienced medical – healthcare sales professionals? Just us.

Featured Candidate. It’s all about relationships today when it comes to job search success. We have 22 years worth of “real” first-name based relationships ~ starting with our small army (250 and counting) of ‘trust agents” – these are previous customers – all with 15+ years experience, all success stories – who we promote you to for both advertised and unadvertised roles. We promote you within our 17.6K newsletter and our 29.6k LinkedIN network.

Online Reputation Management. This is the newest major change in job searching and what you don’t know can hurt you. Today, 77% of recruiters use social media to vet new employees; 45% of the time they turn down a prospect due to negative social media. Our social media certified industry expert, using the latest social media screening tools - assures you never get “flagged” due to your online presence.

"From personal relationships to professional opportunities, Online Reputation Management can mean the difference between success and failure". 

- Matt Collins