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Are you ready for your 2020 Job search?

Do you know what the experts and statistic are requiring of you for 2020?

Do you know what factors will have an impact on that job search in 2020?

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor statistics, unemployment is at an historic low since 1969 at 3.5% in September 2019. However, Jobvite Recruiter Nation Study forecasts “Hiring will become more competitive, with fewer positions being filled, with perils of automation”. Candidates need to be more prepared than ever.

Roger Maftean - a career advice writer and a resume expert at ResumeLab, has researched those statistics and I find them very interesting. Let’s take a close look at some of his research that impacts your 2020 Job search. Roger Maftean’s deduces to be successful in 2020, you will need to know and understand the recent historical 2018 - 2019 hiring statistics, be aware of HR developments and trends of 2019 and beyond, and possess a resume and cover letters to help you move forward. Roger sites Gallup State of American Workforce Report warning, “Job candidates need to know the numbers behind recruiting to improve their success and processes”.

· LinkedIn is the most-used channel for recruitment efforts with 77% in 2018. (Jobvite Recruiter Nation Study 2018) This stat will require candidates to have an exceptional up-to-date profile, showcasing your skills and accomplishments. Investing in technical support and professional help can pay off with more opportunities for developing first level connections. Roger Maftean’s stats from CareerBuilder's data, state 4 out of 10 recruiters won’t consider your application at all if they can’t find you on LinkedIn. Connections in LinkedIn can lead to an employee referral. According to TalentLyft, Employee referral has become one of the favorite and most productive methods for finding talent. By definition, an employee referral is a structured program that companies and organizations use to find talented people by asking their existing employees to recommend candidates from their existing networks.

· Over 50% of recruiters will reach out to candidates via email. 30% will reach out via LinkedIn InMail. Another reason to keep your LinkedIn profile shape and healthy. (Entelo, 2018 Recruiting Trends Report)

· AI-(automated interview) powered recruiting tools will be part of the budget for 64% of talent acquisition professionals in 2019 (Entelo 2018 Recruiting Trends Report) Interestingly, the push for AI-powered recruiting tools isn’t well-known to job candidates, but will have an impact on how your job application is received, reviewed and qualified. These technologies take the personalization out of the qualification process. Investing in well-structured resume and technical support for a quality social media presence is a wise step and can position you ahead of others. According to (Jobscan) (Workday (16%) and Taleo (30%) are two popular ATS tools used by companies. Systems as these are growing among companies for efficiency in the candidate sourcing process. Systems such as these can interface with other social media like LinkenIn.

I give a big “thank you” to Roger Maftean for researching the data for us and opening our eyes to the challenges for the 2020 job search. While this is a lot of information, that data does not lie. It is proof of the need to have that edge over the competition. With growing HR and recruiting technologies dominating the hiring process, investing in your professional presence and preparing to compete is critical for today’s candidates.

- Bonnie Roberge, Talent & Leadership Development

Bio: 18 years’ experience in HR leadership roles thru Director level. Bonnie has supported national companies ranging in revenue from $500M to $1.2B with employee sales associate populations up to 5000. Bonnie’s passion is leadership development, empowering employees, and creating high - performance work environments.

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