• We overcome issues of Age-Bias.

  • Our niche: helping experienced (over 15 years’ experience) sales professionals land great roles where they can finish their careers.

  • We overcome perceptions of job-hopping.

  • We help you conduct a “confidential” job search with minimal time and effort on your part.

  • We get you into the un-advertised job market (which is now 50% of all jobs).

  • We help you land a new role in about 6 applications – no more resumes going into a black hole!

  • We have over 360 previous customers now working at every company from Abbott thru Zoll – these are our “trust agents” who brief you about their company and get you into their employee referral program – where 40% of all new hiring occurs.

  • We “brand” you so you land the “right” role. If you aren’t branded, you only have an obit!

  • We are “mentors” – we’re at your side thru the job search “jungle” all the way to the destination.

  • 80% of our clients land their new roles in 8 weeks. And, yes, we have performance guarantees.

  • Don’t want to pay anything out of pocket? No worries. We provide financing: 6-months interest free. This gives you everything you need now!

Our Trust Agents

What do trust agents do for me? Two things:

We have a small army of “trust agents” = previous customers, who help us help you land a role at their company. Think of them as the “new recruiters” = when you land a role with their company, they get paid (typically at the 6-month mark) by your new employer.

1.) They tell you the straight scoop on what it’s like to work there. Meaning no surprises. You’ve got critical questions to assure a role is the “right” fit for you career. Examples:


a.) What’s the corporate culture like? Do they promote from within? What is the work/life balance like? What is the actual travel time like? Do they reimburse for education? Do they encourage ongoing education? What do you like most about working there?

b.) What’s in the product pipeline? What is your biggest selling product? What’s going off patent? What is their competitive advantage? Who are their biggest competitors and what are they doing to shore up the gap in market share?

c.) Compensation. How does the bonus compensation work? Is it reasonable to anticipate achieving bonus within the first 6 months? 12 months?

d.) What does the company look for in hiring new sales professionals? What advice do you have for me to make my case at the candidate to consider for a role there? What do the most successful sales representatives have in common there?


2.) If you like what you hear from the trust agents, they help get you into their employee referral program. Is that a big step? Oh yes – nearly half of all employees are now hired via employee referral programs! This puts you to the front of the line. How many job applications will you need to make before you land the role you want? Probably 5-6. That comes as a shock to most people who are doing things old-school in their job search: submitting their resume to dozens of roles and getting no response. Our candidates – consistently quote 5-6 as the number of applications they had via a trust agent – before they landed their new roles.


Trust Agents are the smart new way to job search! Would you like to know where our trust agents work? Would you like to speak to one of our trust agent near you? Let us know: 888.299.0837.