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Success Story: RE

Success Story: RE

We interview our clients right after they land their new roles. This helps us understand what we did right to help them – and what we can improve upon. We like to publish these interviews because they are encouraging for those struggling in a job search – see if you recognize yourself in these stories.

MSM = Medical Sales Mentors RE = client.

MSM: So you had a bit of a surprise in your job search. Tell us about that – it had to do with being a single mom. . .

RE: Yes, I was always of the impression being a single mom was a detriment – that an

employer would think I would be less than fully committed to my job.

MSM: And you discovered?

RE: Not true – I was very surprised to discover once I pointed out to the employer that I had to make money and had to make bonus so I could support my family at a certain level, they realized how motivated I was to succeed.

MSM: You used one of our little-known but highly effective tactics to open doors into the unadvertised jobs. It had to do with a clever approach to doctors you knew.

RE: Yes. I went to the doctors I knew and I asked them to please keep their eyes out for sales rep opportunities on the part of companies that called on them. And to please refer me to their contacts at those companies. It works – very few people do this, but it’s extremely effective.

MSM: Another great tactic you employed that few people use: letters of recommendation.

RE: Yes, I got those from the doctors I’d developed relationships with – I used those in my approach to prospective employers.

MSM: You are selling an injectable – for diabetes. Is there an epidemic of diabetes?

RE: Oh yes, among the baby boomers.

MSM: How many interviews did you go on before landing your new role?

RE: Five

MSM: How long did it take you to land your role, using our services?

RE: One month.

MSM: Your advice to someone seeking a role today?

RE: You need to be persistent, finding a new job is a full-time job. You need to do your homework on the employers, do the research and learn how to network effectively. If you are not an expert on job searching, don’t wing it – get help because what you don’t know will hurt you – either in time or money or opportunities squandered. This is especially true for those between jobs – you are losing $2k a week.

What’s your job search plan? If you are an experienced sales professional looking for a medical sales role, we definitely have the answer to that question – call us today to invest in your career and your future. Our mission is simple: to make you ultra-competitive in your job search. We’ve been doing that now for 23 years!

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