Performance Guarantee


Job Search Essentials or Premium Package: you are guaranteed at least a “50-1” return on investment (ROI) with the Job Search Essentials or Premium Package or we refund you $300.

E.g. When you land your new role, if your new base salary was $90k, your return-on-investment with the $1695 program is “50-1”, which is typical of our clients.

Note: 80% of our clients investing in these 2 packages land their new roles within 2.5 months, giving them 3.5 months to pay off their investment at 0% interest.

  • We overcome issues of Age-Bias.

  • Our niche: helping experienced sales professionals land great roles.

  • We overcome perceptions of job-hopping.

  • We help you conduct a CONFIDENTIAL job search with minimal time and effort on your part.

  • We get you into the un-advertised job market (which is now 30% of all jobs).

  • We help you land a new role in about 7 applications – no more resumes going into a black hole!

  • We have over 200 previous customers now working at every company from Abbott through Zoll – these are our TRUST AGENTS who brief you about their company and get you into their employee referral program – where 45% of all new hiring occurs.

  • We BRAND you so you land the RIGHT role. 

  • We are MENTORS – we’re at your side through the job search JUNGLE all the way to your destination.

  • 80% of our clients land their new roles in 2.5 Months.

  • Performance Guarantees. 

  • Don’t want to pay anything out of pocket? No worries. We provide financing: 6-months interest free. This gives you everything you need now!