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What is our NetOUT® program and how will it forever change the way you job search?

What Is NetOUT®?

Our one-of-a-kind job search program for sales professionals seeking a role in medical device or biopharma sales. We use a small army of previous customers (what we call trust agents) to help open doors for you at their company (advertised and unadvertised) and we eliminate all mistakes in your job search because you have a mentor at your side during this job search.

What’s involved in the program? 4 Meetings and Ongoing Support for the rest of your career.

1st meeting:

Preparing to Job Search. Overview of the program. You receive the master list of the 200+ companies where our trust agents work. We discuss our network, which we leverage for you: 30K LinkedIn connections, 16k newsletter subscribers, 230+ ‘trust agents’ We discuss “Trust agents” and “Featured Candidate” and “12/5” reports. We discuss Taleo Systems, LinkedIn and employee referral programs. We both have some homework to do to prepare for our next meeting: Pursuing Advertised Roles

2nd meeting:

Pursuing Advertised Roles. We start utilizing 5 networks (not just our trust agents) to assure you have an inside contact for each role you apply to. We set up your job alerts, so you don’t have to spend hours online looking at jobs. We start applying for roles via our NetOUT process – which is all about working smart, not hard. No more “cold-calling” – we start introducing you to inside contacts before you apply for advertised roles. We both have some homework to do to prepare for our next meeting: Pursuing Unadvertised Roles.

3rd & 4th meetings:

Pursuing Unadvertised Roles. What drives the unadvertised job market? What are the 12 Tactics we utilize to get you into the unadvertised job market? What are the 4 ways our trust agents get you into the unadvertised job market? Why do most attempts to solicit help from inside contacts fail? What specific tactics do we use to consistently get total strangers on the phone motivated to help you in your job search?

We provide you with ongoing support for the rest of your career – not just in landing your new role. We want you to join our unique little army of “Trust Agents” who help our new customers.

Is NetOUT® For You? The Checklist

All but eliminates your resume going into a “black hole” You will likely apply to 5-7 companies vs 100s of companies.
Gets you into the unadvertised job market (Where 30% customers land an unadvertised role).
Our Trust Agents - representing 200+ companies - help you land your role in Medical Device - BioPharma Sales.
Minimizes your time in a job search. Time = money.
Gives you a huge competitive advantage. Other competitor job search “programs” don’t leverage a small army of “trust agents” – nor do they modify their tactics weekly to assure your success.
You pay nothing out of pocket; we provide 6-months interest free terms thru PayPal Credit.
Minimal risk: attend the first of the four meetings and decide at the end of the meeting if this is for you. You’ll get to know us on a personal level and see our unique program first hand. If you like what you see, we charge you for the program and proceed.
All but eliminates issues of age-bias.

The Cost?

$595.00 Payment terms cash or 6-months interest free. If you are a previous customer of ours, we will take a 50% deposit and 2 payments of $150 at 30-day and 60-day mark.


Note that NetOUT has long been a part of our $1695 and $2295 full packages, but we decided to now sell it as a stand alone service for those who don’t need full packages. Why did we do this? Because folks need a big competitive

advantage these days – you need inside contacts, you need to know what works and what doesn’t in your job search. No one else was providing anything like this – we know we can get you to the role you want in minimal time.

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