• We overcome issues of Age-Bias.

  • Our niche: helping experienced (over 15 years’ experience) sales professionals land great roles where they can finish their careers.

  • We overcome perceptions of job-hopping.

  • We help you conduct a “confidential” job search with minimal time and effort on your part.

  • We get you into the un-advertised job market (which is now 50% of all jobs).

  • We help you land a new role in about 6 applications – no more resumes going into a black hole!

  • We have over 360 previous customers now working at every company from Abbott thru Zoll – these are our “trust agents” who brief you about their company and get you into their employee referral program – where 40% of all new hiring occurs.

  • We “brand” you so you land the “right” role. If you aren’t branded, you only have an obit!

  • We are “mentors” – we’re at your side thru the job search “jungle” all the way to the destination.

  • 80% of our clients land their new roles in 8 weeks. And, yes, we have performance guarantees.

  • Don’t want to pay anything out of pocket? No worries. We provide financing: 6-months interest free. This gives you everything you need now!

What is our NetOUT® program and how will it forever change the way you job search?

Years ago we noticed a growing trend: experienced sales professionals being let go and told “good luck” or being offered outplacement services that rarely produced the new roles they wanted. We call these folks the “Lost Generation”. They are elite sales leaders: senior sales, sales managers – directors and C-suite. They have the invaluable wisdom smart companies seek. And yes we know who those smart companies are.


Then we noticed a 2nd trend, evolving over the last 10 years. Guess what the #1 largest form of talent acquisition is today? It’s employee referral programs – now representing approximately 40% of all new hires! No other source comes close to that 40% figure – not recruiters, not job boards, not online job applications.


We had an “ah-ha” moment.


What if we took our favorite previous customers – all of them experienced sales professionals in medical device/equipment, biotech or pharma – and offered them an interesting proposal: that they become our “Trust Agents”. What is a trust agent? Our inside contact who tells you the straight scoop about their company, helps open doors for you and typically becomes part of your employee referral application.


This changes everything. How many people approach a role via an employee referral? Only 7%. (Source: JobVite). Meaning 93% of your peers keep doing things the old way. . .


But being overachievers, we took our business vision to the next level: what if we carefully branded people via their resume and LinkedIN profile? This is the same model dating services use. Is your LinkedIN profile and resume a branded version of you or is it an obituary? You will not land the role you love unless you are properly branded: it sounds cold, but we need to make a product out of you.


And once you’re landed the role you love? We may ask you to be our new “trust agent” – where you “pay it forward” helping others and earning a healthy stipend from your new employer.


Reconsider everything you knew about job searching. Think of us as a highly specialized dating service. Will you find the one you love: the role you love? With our landmark “NetOUT” program, 95% of our customers do in 12 weeks. We are the shortest possible path to a great role, where you can make good coin, have fun, and possibly even retire from. Check out our performance guarantees and let’s talk soon.