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Everything You Need Now, Pay Later!


Most of our customers get all the services they need from us right now – with nothing out of pocket. Through an arrangement with PayPal Credit, we give you everything you need right now – we are paid by PayPal - and you have 6 months (interest free!) to pay your balance to PayPal. When you consider 80% of our customers land their role in 2.5 months, you see why this Pay Us Later option makes great sense.


We always tell people considering our services – try to conduct your own job search first. But don’t try too long: time is not your friend when it comes to job searching – and we are the shortest possible path to the role you want. Don’t try to become an expert at what we do. It took us 23 years to get here!

We are your “Unfair Competitive Advantage” As your personal mentors, we use the newest tactics proven to us by our own customers. Things are changing rapidly in job searching – we learn new tactics every week, which we leverage for your success. The biggest change in job searching today is the realization your credentials are not enough anymore. Jack Welch famously quotes the greatest goal of any service is to have a “sustainable competitive advantage”. That is what we’re providing you: an “unfair competitive advantage” over your peers who are trying to conduct their own job search.

Now you can get that “unfair competitive advantage” with nothing out of pocket!

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