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In a job search? Some surprising new insights you should know for 2019.

Happy Friday. I nearly made it through the week without having one of those “I had no idea about that!” moments – apparently my mental hard drive is not maxed out and I still have room to learn. According to my wife, that is a big room. Gynasium big.

So JobVite came out with its 2019 Job Seeker Nation Survey - a wonderful source of new data for anyone in a job search. The JobVite folks conducted an online survey of 1504 adults in the U.S. who were in a job search. There data conclusions led me to several “I had no idea about that!” moments:

27% of Rural workers believe finding a job is much harder than last year.

61% of job seekers rank “career growth opportunities” as #1 reason to switch jobs; this is the first time “compensation” was not #1 reason to switch jobs.

29% of workers have left a new job witin first 90 days.

47% of workers believe the job descriptions refelct the actual job responsibilities.

64% of workers who received a text message after applying for a job preferred this type of communication over e-mail or a phone call.

95% of texts will be read within the first 3 minutes.

83% of those who negotiated received higher pay.

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