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Featured Candidate: LM

What is Featured Candidate?

Featured Candidate is a new way for your company to acquire outstanding vetted sales talent. Our network of Featured Candidates was built over 22 years and represents America’s elite experienced (average tenure 15 – 25 years) sales leaders within the Medical Device, BioTech and Pharmaceutical industries. We know each Featured Candidate on a personal level – as we help them acquire new roles via our services:

We promote our Featured Candidates via our newsletter (17.4k subscribers) and our LinkedIN network (29.6K connections).  What if you hire our “Featured Candidate”?  There is no cost to your employer.

Our candidate “LM” is seeking a role within the Pharmaceutical or Biotech Industries:

“I’m seeking a Sales Leadership position in Pharma / Biotech, and welcome the opportunity to help your company grow exponentially, and be the respected and admired Leader in the market!” Experienced Sales and Market Access Leader with demonstrated track record of high performance.

Skilled in Orphan Drug / Rare Disease, Infectious Disease, Cardiovascular/Metabolic, Ophthalmology, and numerous other therapeutic areas. Demonstrated expertise in Hospital systems and large IDN’s, Biotechnology and Specialty Distribution, national and regional payers, Medicaid, Managed Medicaid’s, PBM’s.

Pursuing Titles: Regional Sales Director; Area/National Sales Director; VP-Sales

Geographic Criteria: lives in Atlanta (can travel as needed)

Salary Requirements: base salary and bonus. Combined ($200,000 - $250,000)

“LM” Comments:

“Making a positive impact on people’s lives is my #1 priority every day! My goal every day is to be better than I am today, and to help our team grow and succeed. Exceeding Sales goals with 20 years of progressive leadership experience working in Sales / Managed Care. 

Our teams have always met or exceeded established goals and objectives. I have developed numerous leaders, resolved strategic business issues, increased market penetration, and driven solution-based outcomes in Pharma, Biotech, and Managed Care.”

Would you like to meet “LM”?

Contact me (Mark Bartz) at or 888.299.0837.


1.)   Are you guys recruiters? No. We’re a complement to your employer’s recruiters.

2.)   Can my company advertise senior-level sales roles within your network? Yes. Call for details.

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