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Job Search Stories You Can Relate to: “JC”

This is the story of a healthcare sales rep who sells a service-based product who wants to change to device or equipment-based sales. The words are from the client themselves, in this case “JC”.

“The industry I am in is going to be particularly hard-hit next year with cuts of up to 50%. I decided change is needed. Not being afraid of change but one who rather welcomes change as an opportunity and adventure, I’ve set about the task of looking for a new position. Medical device or equipment sales seems like a challenging and rewarding opportunity, given my current position has me dealing with all floors of the hospital from the ED department, to neurosurgery, oncology, BMT and selling to all levels for the hospital from C Level executive, Floor RN’s Case manages and surgeons. I thought this change would be a challenging yet achievable.

“I’ve been in sales or Business development my entire career. I’ve been fortunate enough to have been in the position to sell to people, from all walks of life, regionally, nationally, internationally. People are people ~ the cultures differ from country to country, so we must be aware of oneself situational surroundings and cultural differences. I have worked in a few different industries. Be it telecom's helping build country to country multi-million dollar to selling exotic and high-end cars at the retail level, e.g. Aston Martin, Ferrari. To survive and prosper in this industry one needs to be adept at the “Art of the Deal” especially when the sale cycle can be so long: the typical exotic cars custom-built with the delivery date of up to a year. Keeping a potential custom motivated and excited such a long time is no easy task.

“Now I find myself in the healthcare sales arena. Over the years I have found got Selling is selling I few basic components. Work Hard, Live with integrity, be honest even and especially when delivering news that nobody wants to hear. Holding yourself accountable and taking responsibility (eating humble pie in never pleasant) if you do all these things and Have a good understanding of the sales process you will become trusted. I pride myself on a level of trust I have built with various customers over the years. Trust and integrity of things we should not be taken lightly I never gambled with.

“Now it’s time to get to work. I’ve been networking reaching out to people asking for help and advice to try to uncover any unadvertised opportunities along with applying for positions from Company websites, MedReps, etc. talking with recruiters. I have had success engaging employers but the only comments I’ve been given by employers is “We only employed people with device experience.” It’s like the chicken and egg! Nobody was born out of the womb as a medical sales professional – someone somewhere gave them a chance to prove themselves. Which is exactly where I am now – I’m looking for relationships that can open doors and provide me with a chance to prove myself.

“As you may guess from reading my story I am a little older than some entering the world of device sales. I have the “Grit” common to all top sales persons – and I do not want to believe that my age is a factor. Employers are telling me that not moving into management (by my age) in my career it seems negative. I’m passionate I enjoy selling and very good at it, so, is it so wrong to still be a Rep?

“In closing my story – I have a strong pedigree, good understanding of many disease states, knowledge of the healthcare market not seen by all because of my level of exposure to various departments within a hospital. I also have good business acumen, given my unique background. If your company values experience and appreciates 20 years’ experience and the wisdom associated with that experience, I’d love to talk with you.”


Note from Mark Bartz: if you would like to speak to JC, please e-mail me: so I can arrange your introduction. Note: we’re not recruiters – we are a specialized service: we help experienced sales professionals land their desired role in medical – biotech – pharma sales. Check us out at:

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