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Welcome to the world best source of information helping experienced sales professionals land their desired roles in medical sales – biotech sales – pharmaceutical sales. Expectations: you’ll get a newsletter every few weeks with articles we do not post online – articles by industry leaders and offering insiders intel not found elsewhere:
  • Want to know the best recruiters to work with?

  • Get fresh actionable information with a reference to our sources for all data.

  • Want to know which job search agents work and which won’t don’t?

  • Want to know the ways our candidates get past gatekeepers?

  • Want to know how our candidates avoid issues of age bias?

  • Want to know the best new ways to land an unadvertised role?

  • Want to know which online resources work – and which ones, meh.”

  • Read our interviews with industry leaders, including authors and major recruitment firms.

  • Read long-term stories of people your age who are closing out their careers – doing what they love, having fun. If you are in the last 10-12 years of your career, this newsletter is FOR YOU!

“These are great articles not available to the general public.”


“There is no better source of 11th hour accurate information about job searching for a medical sales job!”


“No B.S. here – just the ‘stuff’ I need to know in today’s rapidly changing job search for a medical sales role.”


“The #1 way to overcome challenges of age-bias in your job search and land the ‘right’ role vs a ‘job’”


“In our information-overload society, this is the critical information I need to be successful in my medical sales career. The intel from the “Trust Agents” (their previous customers) is priceless.”

When you sign up, we promise to never promote any fee-based services of our own. No sales pitches. Just outstanding information that we promise you can’t find elsewhere and will dramatically help you in your career. You can opt out of the newsletter at any time and your information is not shared with any service.

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